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About Us

The idea for tell-a-gram stemmed from working among aging populations. We noticed that people who kept contact with faraway loved ones had better mental health. People who watched movies and heard music they liked were more aware of their surroundings. People who learned about new interests had better memories.

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As our bodies get older, it is often increasingly difficult to go out and do things or visit with loved ones. This has an unnecessarily negative effect on our quality of life. Technology allows aging people to interact with their interests, families, and friends. It fosters a sense of belonging and relevance.

We can video chat to connect with loved ones. Social media lets us share videos and pictures. There are hobby websites which allow us to talk to people from all over the world about our interests.

When we connect with the people and ideas we love, we add meaning to our lives.

At Tell-A-Gram, we want you to feel confident with technology so your later years can be fun and fulfilling.