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You may already have everything you need. Many cable companies, television manufacturers and phone companies have built-in technology that allows you to use their products more easily. Tell us what you need to do, and you may already have the device. We just need to set it up and train you.

You may require new technology. Why get a whole computer if your tablet can connect to your TV? You might only need a smartphone. We can do that research for you. Tell us what you want to accomplish, and we can save you time and money by setting you up with the best technology to fit your life.

Assistive Technologies

If your eyesight is getting poor, maybe a screen reader will help you enjoy the internet more. There are also Speech-to-Text technologies so you don’t have to type if your hands are getting shaky. There are ways to make the screens easier to read.

We can consult with you on where your technology is giving you difficulties. We can help fix those pain points so you can enjoy modern devices without feeling frustrated.

Social Media

Are your grandkids talking about something they saw on Pinterest? Do you want to know how to use Facebook or Twitter? Maybe you’d like to learn another language or how to type without looking at the keyboard. There is a world of possibility for entertainment and learning via technology.

We can find out what your interests are and help you find the places on the internet where you can have fun, learn new things and make friends. Whether it’s pottery, sports, art history or politics, we can connect you with a world that will keep you entertained and engaged.