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Is every clock in your house flashing 12:00?

Yes, we really CAN help you. People often feel frustrated and overwhelmed when we can’t figure out how something works. It’s easy to forget that it took a while to learn how to walk and talk, too. Your parents didn’t let you loose on an unsuspecting school until you were FIVE YEARS OLD.

Be patient with yourself.

Not only can we stop your clocks from flashing twelve, but we can teach YOU how to set them too. The next time the power goes out, you can be your family’s superhero and give them all the gift of correct time.

FREE initial consultation on your requirements. Then we craft a training plan. You might only need one lesson, you might need more than one.

You decide.

We can keep things very simple, or teach you more in-depth if that’s what you’d like.

Do you have friends who share your desire to learn more about technology?

Maybe you all want to learn a bit of Spanish for a winter getaway? We don’t teach Spanish, but the internet does.

We can show you and your friends where and what to learn so you can practice together.